Slurry injectors

Sale of slurry injectors

Slurry injection is the optimal solution to reduce the amount of ammoniacal nitrogen released to the atmosphere and control the emission of foul odours. Today a number of systems with different characteristics and uses can be adopted, with advantages both for disposal and for the distribution of fertilizers.

Slurry injectors are the ideal instruments for responsible management of waste liquids. This agricultural machine enables the injection of slurry (animal digestate or excreta) into soil.

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Machines designed to inject wastewater underground in the most efficient way

It is a well-known fact that wastewater, whether slurry or digestate, is a by-product whose intrinsic value calls for intelligent management. In recent years, various manufacturers of soil cultivation equipment have studied specific solutions to make the best use of it. Ploeger, for example, has come out with a range of new-generation injectors, designed to combine excellent manoeuvrability and efficient mechanics with high capacity: all of this, with reduced impact on soil and crops.

This equipment is not the result of casual adaptation, but a specifically designed solution to inject wastewater underground in the best way. Injectors operate with a set of discs to inject slurry or digestate to a depth of approximately 10-15 cm, preventing prolonged exposure to the atmosphere. This results in a number of environmental and agricultural advantages: it reduces loss of ammonia, minimizes foul odours and, most importantly, concentrates wastewater in the active layer of soil, preventing substantial subsurface losses typical of applications with subsoilers. This promotes roots’ access to the nitrogen contained in the wastewater. The disc performing the injection action cuts the soil in a way that prevents the formation of a poorly permeable channel.

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