Sale of hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motors transform the hydraulic power supplied by the pump into mechanical power. Thanks to their efficiency, quick installation and ease of changing rotation speed and inverting direction, they are largely used in many fields, particularly in the agricultural sector, earth moving equipment, concrete mixer trucks, roller compactors and forklift trucks as general hydrostatic transmission.

Hydraulic motors produce considerable power with reduced space use and include:

  • Axial piston motors
  • Radial piston motors
  • Gear motors
  • Vane motors
  • Orbital motors

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Axial and radial piston motors

Axial piston motors

These are used in swash plate or bent axis design for medium- and high-pressure applications and can have fixed or variable displacement.

We offer a broad range of axial piston motors for mobile and industrial applications featuring high quality standards such as high efficiency, sturdiness, low sound emissions, reliability and durability.

The motors we sell are designed mainly for mobile applications, but can also be used in numerous other applications. They are mostly used on excavators, forest machinery, mining and drilling machinery, wheel loaders, agricultural machines, etc.

Our family of motors includes fixed and variable displacement motors. They come with different control types, the most widely used are direct mechanical control, hydraulic control, proportional electric control or on-off.

Radial piston motors

Our wide range of radial motors includes fixed, double or variable displacement solutions, from 10 cc/rev up to 10.000 cc/rev. They are the ideal products for circuits with a wide range of operation where demanding levels of performance are required.

Radial piston motors offer hydraulic solutions for the agricultural, construction, forest sectors, for material handling, winch and line hauler drives, for the mining, oil, shipping industries, etc.


Gear, vane and orbital motors

Gear motors

These motors can have internal or external gears. They are used in the agricultural sector, on construction machines, brushcutters, cooling fans and hydraulic control systems.

We have a series of motors to cover a wide range of sizes and configurations for any kind of application.

External gear motors are similar to pumps. They can feature single or reversible direction and come in numerous versions and models, with aluminium alloy or cast-iron body, in standard configurations, multiple combinations or customised designs. They are available with single rotation direction or in reversible version.

Vane motors

Our vane motors are suitable for the most demanding applications featuring high pressure and high speed.

Orbital motors

We offer a complete range of orbital motors to meet any application need, from hand-held machine tools to construction and mining industry equipment. Suitable for open or closed-circuit work and propel systems, our orbital motors are ideal for agriculture, road building, construction, forestry, public utilities and garden equipment.

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