Closed and open-circuit hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps convert electric/thermal energy into the hydraulic power needed to carry out any kind of work. For this reason, they are used in a wide range of fields,

from food processing to equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads to the mobile area which includes agriculture machinery, lifting machines, construction site machinery, etc.

Our company sells and repairs:

  • Closed-circuit hydraulic pumps
  • Open-circuit hydraulic pumps

Do you need to buy a hydraulic pump for your tractor? Do you need to repair your excavator pump? Get in touch with us. We sell and repair hydraulic pumps at competitive prices. Do not hesitate to contact us to request a no-obligation quote. Our engineers will advise you on the pump that best meets your requirements.


Fixed and variable-displacement piston pumps

Piston pumps can be axial or radial

  • Axial piston pumps are designed for use in medium to high pressure applications. Thanks to the numerous types of models, power ranges and ability to adjust, you can achieve optimal solutions for mobile and stationary applications. Pumps can be in open or closed circuits, with fixed or variable displacement. The latter can have different types of control, the most widely used are direct mechanical control, hydraulic control, proportional electric control or on-off. You can rely on our piston pumps to give your transmission the power it needs with the low emission required by current international regulations. Performance, power density and functionality are the standard features of our axial piston pumps for the mobile market. We have the displacement, configuration and control type to suit your specific open or closed-circuit system. Our axial piston pumps have passed the most difficult test: they are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the mobile market.
  • Radial piston pumps are used when dealing with very high pressure values together with axial pistons that can handle pressure values up to 1000 bar. In radial pumps, pistons are housed in cylinders inside a central shaft that generates the pumping movement. We provide customised advice to supply the type of pump suited to the final application and which best meets the client’s needs.

Gear pumps come in a large number of versions and models, with aluminium alloy or cast-iron body, in standard configurations, multiple combinations or customised designs. Gear pumps are widely used in every kind of system using hydraulics as the basic system, such as excavators, wheel loaders, tractors and agricultural machinery, mobile cranes, cranes and, more in general, applications for trucks, forklift trucks and drilling rigs.

A wide range of simple pumps and multiple pumps are ready in stock or available within a few business days.

Vane pumps

Vane pumps can feature single or double eccentricity vanes. The first one has a round stator and an eccentric rotor. Fluid is transported around the periphery, between the stator and rotor by the vanes, which make a half turn. In general, pumps with single eccentricity vanes are equipped with a displacement regulator, which in the event that pressure is reached will reduce flowrate and thus stabilise pressure.

Pumps with double eccentricity vanes have a round rotor and a shaft centred in relation to the stator. The elliptical shaped track creates eccentricity.

Choose our vane pumps: they are energy-efficient, longer lasting and inexpensive to install.  We guarantee optimal performance even in the most demanding industrial and mobile applications.

Lobe pumps

Lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps consisting in a chamber inside which two lobe rotors rotate synchronously on parallel axes.  The advantage of this type of pump is its compact size, which enables use in limited space, and its low-cost, quick maintenance. They are mainly used in the agrifood and wine sector.

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