Design and construction of test benches and hydraulic control units

Test benches: tailored design and construction

Thanks to our collaboration with reliable partners, Db Fluid can design and make test benches and hydraulic control units for the testing of the hydraulic components used in the main industrial sectors such as hydraulic power units, motors, valves, etc.

The experience of our engineers and technicians makes us ideal partners for the customised design and construction of these special machines which, thanks to careful inspection during manufacturing processes and to the use of top-quality components, can guarantee maximum reliability, precision and durability.

Our test benches are highly customisable and are studied and designed after careful consideration of the client’s needs, making the product unique.

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Standard and customised benches

An important part of our work is the production of all-purpose test benches, generally used by companies that repair and refurbish hydraulic components. We manufacture fully functional benches with one or two stations, designed to test up to four coupled pumps simultaneously.

Our extensive experience and the high level of training of our staff make our company highly competent in the production of test benches and hydraulic control units for use in both production and laboratories.

In the various sectors and different applications, production includes a wide range of standard and customised benches. Our standard benches have been designed to meet the specific requirements set by international regulations, while our customised benches fulfil the specific needs of each client and product.


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Thanks to the technical skills of our staff and our collaborators, we can assist every client in the initial stages of a request up to after-sale support.

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