Valve blocks

Hydraulic valve blocks for any kind of application

Hydraulic valve blocks are devices designed to divert and direct oil; to purchase the correct type, you need to consider the kind of work it will perform and the characteristics required.

Thanks to our extensive range of valve blocks for every kind of application, we will help you configure the hydraulic valve block that best fits your requirements.

Our vast range of valve blocks is designed for the most taxing activities of your machine, whether you need to move large loads, or you require improved control accuracy. 

Our valve blocks ensure reliability and top performance and are used in various sectors, such as: earth moving machines, agricultural machinery, tractors, construction machines, mobile cranes, industrial vehicles, forklift trucks, trucks and drilling rigs.

Our range includes:

  • Electrically controlled valve blocks (proportional or On-Off)
  • Mechanically controlled valve blocks (direct or remote)
  • Hydraulically controlled valve blocks

Contact us for additional information on our products and their prices. We carry various brands including Walvoil.


Maximum efficiency and solutions that fulfil our client’s needs

We carry a wide range of hydraulic valve blocks to serve the most diverse market requirements.  From hydraulic monoblocks to modular valve blocks, from manually controlled to proportional, we always guarantee maximum efficiency and solutions that fulfil our client’s needs.

We offer our clients all the existing types of controls for the various valve blocks: from cable controls to proportional controls for high precision applications.


Rapid and efficient delivery

Our company sells hydraulic components produced by the best national and international manufacturers, for every kind of application. This guarantees our clients top quality and reliability.

Our warehouse is well stocked to meet the needs of our clients and ensure fast, efficient delivery.

The entire sale process, from order to delivery, is carried out under controlled conditions, as required by our quality system to ensure conformity with the client’s requirements.

Our sales department staff will be pleased to provide detailed information on availability, lead times, prices and technical specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us.