Gear flow dividers

Hydraulic flow dividers

Flow dividers consist of two or more modular gear sections connected mechanically by an inner shaft that rotates them at the same speed.

Unlike multiple pumps, where intake power is mechanical, the intake power in flow dividers is fluid mechanical and consists in a flow of oil under pressure, which feeds the modular elements in parallel; the modular elements are then connected to the hydraulic circuits powering the systems.

The percentage of flow used by each element is determined exclusively by its nominal flowrate, therefore, unlike standard static dividers with variable ports, flow dividers do not cause dissipation and are therefore much more accurate.

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Application fields

Hydraulic flow dividers are used in systems requiring multiple, separate or independent drives. They are used when the same pump needs to power a number of systems requiring different flowrate and pressure values.

They are installed on mobile agricultural machines for synchronising different uses, motors and cylinders, on elevating work platforms, woodworking machines, hydraulic presses and construction machines for synchronising stabiliser cylinders.


Excellent technical features and durability

Our company sells gear flow dividers made from high-resistance cast iron or aluminium alloy. They can be used as flow equalizers, flow dividers and pressure intensifiers.

We guarantee superior technical features and durability for all the products we supply.

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