Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices used for reducing the temperature of the work fluid by facilitating the exchange of heat through air or water.

They are used in the fields of industrial machinery, mobile machines, air compressors, endothermal engines and hydraulic systems in general.

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Water and air exchangers

There are basically two type of exchangers:

  • Water – oil: water oil heat exchangers are used to cool down hydraulic oil or other fluids in the tank of control units. They normally feature tube bundle and counter flow. This makes it possible to regulate oil temperature by changing the flowrate of water. Results can be even more accurate if the temperature of water can also be changed.
  • Air – oil: air-oil exchangers are used to cool down hydraulic oil or other fluids using air with forced ventilation on machines that operate continuously in harsh conditions. Although their cooling capacity is significantly lower, air is the most convenient and immediate means of removing heat from tube bundles filled with oil. However, a much larger heat exchange area is needed so the tubes are thinner, finned, more numerous and made from materials with a high heat exchange coefficient.

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