Sale of harvesting machines and slurry injectors

Agricultural machines for modern, profitable harvesting

Exclusive Ploeger dealers in Italy, we sell agricultural machinery, harvesters and slurry injectors.

These two main brands are a reliable resource for all the clients who require a specialised solution to the demand for increasingly modern and profitable harvesting techniques in a continuously evolving agricultural context.

We offer only the best solutions in the sale of agricultural equipment with a complete range of machines and a commercial and technical service geared to assist clients in every specific requirement and new growth project.

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High-quality superior products with unique design at competitive prices

With years of activity in this sector, we sell harvesting machines and slurry injectors that can meet the most diverse needs of our clients all over the country.

Our sale philosophy is based on a direct relationship with clients, to understand exactly what their needs and expectations are and provide them with products that fulfil them.

This corporate policy combined with the sale of high-quality superior products with unique design at competitive prices have been a winning strategy in achieving the success obtained so far.


How do you choose a good harvesting machine?

A specific type of machine has been designed for each type of vegetable or fruit. This makes it possible to harvest each product in the most effective and gentle way. There are also harvesting machines that can be used for different types of fruit and vegetables. This makes the investment for a good harvester even more profitable.

Harvesters differ in terms of the technology used, such as mechanic or hydraulic. Some machines are towed by a tractor, others are self-propelled. The choice of the most advantageous model will depend on the circumstances, for example when harvesting in a particular type of soil or in very humid environments.

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