24h service and technical consultation

Servicing of hydraulic systems

Are you looking for the best service to help you solve any problem linked with hydraulic systems? Get in touch with us. We service, repair and replace components for harvesting machines, earth moving machines, marine machinery, recycling plants, industrial plants and slurry injectors.

Our company is structured to ensure fast, qualified and efficient service and prevent machine downtime. We are organised to offer 24/7 service, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We guarantee qualified consultation to examine the most complex cases in the industry so that we can find the best solution with maximum rapidity.

Please contact us for any service request. We are authorised dealers for Ploeger, PMC Harvesters, Oxbo and Bourgoin, but we also provide assistance on numerous other brands on the market.


Certified, guaranteed components

All the products and spare parts we distribute, whether new or refurbished, come with a warranty. All repaired parts are accurately inspected in our testing department and only after careful examination, they are certified and guaranteed.

One of our strengths is the rapidity with which we can fill orders with immediate shipment to any national and international location.

Thanks to our reputation for efficient, reliable work, we have become exclusive partners for distribution of the most prestigious manufacturers in the field, among them Ploeger, international industry leader producing harvesting machines for vegetable products.


We help in case of machine breakdown

With our mobile service units, our team of specialist technicians, our telephone support and the supply of hydraulic components, we can offer our clients a comprehensive service and provide help in case of machine breakdown.

We are equipped to deal with any problem that may arise during service, to identify the most suitable technical solution and provide all the required hydraulic components.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.