Food processing equipment

Machines for the food industry

Db Fluid has recently started an important collaboration with Femia, for whom it has become the sole dealer in Italy. We sell food industry machines, conveyor belts, food processing equipment and complete production lines.

All the food processing systems offered comply with high quality standards and are made by specialised workers with extensive industry expertise.

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Professional, certified equipment

The food processing and preservation sector must comply with stringent regulations applied internationally to guarantee the safety of the foods produced. Full conformity with food hygiene legislation is required to prevent microorganisms from contaminating food. This calls for the use of professional, certified equipment designed for reliable, accurate processing.

Db Fluid supplies food processing equipment made with sturdy, durable materials from the industry’s leading company, Femia, who uses the most advanced technology for cooking, cooling, precision cutting, preparation and preservation of foods. All of these products comply with EC food safety and hygiene regulations.

There can be no quality food product without excellent technology to produce it and Femia is the leader in this sector.


Customised tailored solutions

To ensure perfect efficiency and guarantee continuity of production activities, it is fundamental for food professionals to carefully select instruments that match their requirements.

That is why Db Fluid is the ideal partner for the supply of a rich assortment of food processing equipment for production, processing and packaging of foods.

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