Hydraulic measurement instruments

Pressure and flowrate meters

Testing for full efficiency of an industrial or mobile hydraulic system involves the use of instruments for measuring pressure (gauges) and flowrate (turbine). 

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Accuracy and reliability

Flowrate is measured by means of a flow transducer. A vast variety exists, which makes choosing a transducer quite complicated: along with traditional models, new types are being developed and are becoming increasingly widespread.

The essential quality of a good transducer is to not affect flow, but very few devices have this characteristic; most transducers modify the flow in order to measure it. Flowrate transducers are also referred to as flowmeters.

The most important aspects to be considered when choosing a flowmeter are accuracy and reliability. They are classified according to the type of measurement as speed meters or actual flowrate meters. They can also be further divided into static or displacement meters, depending on whether the parts of the instrument move.


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