Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves are devices designed to regulate pressure, stop, convey, divert the flow of oil to move the various actuators in accordance with the system’s needs. They are widely used on agricultural and industrial machines, elevating work platforms, cranes and excavators.

There are valves for different needs, valves for pressure and fluid control (maximum pressure, pressure reducers) and valves for flow control (non return, directional control, selection, regulation, etc.). They are among the devices designed to regulate pressure, stop, convey, divert the flow of oil and are therefore included in each project after careful study of the system’s needs.

Db Fluid can supply you with hydraulic valves of different kinds:

  • electrical valves (solenoid/on-off, proportional, CETOP)
  • hydraulic valves
  • valves for controlling and directing fluids

produced by top national and international companies such as Duplomatic, at competitive prices. Contact us for the supply of directional valves, block valves, sequence valves, etc.


Extensive offering

Hydraulic valves are part of a hydraulic system or circuit and their function is to coordinate the operation of the system, ensuring safety and correct use.

Our company guarantees a wide range of high-quality hydraulic components; among the numerous products carried we have hydraulic valves, selected from the latest production of some of the best known brands.

Our warehouse is always well stocked with a broad range of hydraulic valves to suit the diverse requirements of the various application sectors, such as: industrial, agricultural, marine and off-shore, high to very high pressure values and many more.


Knowledge and professional expertise

Our company has extensive experience in the hydraulic sector. The knowledge and professional expertise we apply every day in our work is the result of years of continuous development.

Our main goal is to always satisfy our clients, by providing the best support and assistance for all their needs.

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