Harvesting machines

Sale, repair and servicing of harvesting machines

Db Fluid is exclusive dealer in Italy of horticultural and vegetable harvesting machines of the P.O.G group (ploeger-oxbo-group) which includes the manufacturers PLOEGER BV, PMC UK, BOURGOIN, ​​BCMH, OXBO USA, known thanks to innovation, resistance and reliability. Through highly specialised consultation, we will be able to meet all your needs related to agricultural machines and help you to choose the solution that best fits your requirements.

In addition, we can offer a specialised, prompt support service, which includes maintenance, repair and refurbishment of threshers, grape harvesters and every type of harvesting machine.

We also supply a maintenance and repair service for hydraulic components of wheat and forage machines of all makes.

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Quality and professional service

The repair and maintenance of agricultural machines and hydraulic components is guaranteed by our professional work and by exclusive use of original or interchangeable spare parts.

The repair and maintenance of harvesting machines is one of the fundamental activities of our company. For years we have been providing advice to companies operating in the agricultural sector, thanks to the extensive experience of our staff.


Prompt intervention

The harvesting machines we supply ensure reliable performance. For any maintenance or repair need, you can count on our support service. Our technicians are specialised in restoring machine operation in the shortest possible time.

We are structured to ensure that the time between a service call for machine breakdown and the solution of the problem is as short as possible. Our warehouse stocks all original and compatible hydraulic components and is regularly restocked.

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