Industrial plants

Repair and maintenance of components for industrial hydraulic systems

We produce, service and refurbish hydraulic equipment, hydraulic control units, directional valves and servo valves, servo actuators and proportional valve blocks. We also service and refurbish hydraulic motors, pumps, circuits and valves for industrial systems such as:

  • Waste disposal and processing
  • Steelmaking, steel recovery and processing
  • Mechanical engineering and machining
  • Rubber and plastic processing
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Construction materials
  • Mining industry

Please contact us for any service request. We operate across the country and abroad.


A reliable resource for every client

The industrial sector finds in Db Fluid a qualified, reliable resource. In additional to traditional repair services and to the supply of specific components, our company can refurbish circuits, pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic components, adapting machines and equipment to comply with current regulations and European directives.

We provide a professional, prompt, guaranteed service combined with continuous, comprehensive technical advice. Our well-stocked warehouse means any problem with hydraulic components can be solved quickly and efficiently: this covers every make and type of unit.

Building on our extensive industry expertise, we repair and refurbish every kind of hydraulic device, whether new or out of production. To offer our clients maximum peace of mind, before delivery we carry out tests on our special benches to simulate the harshest use conditions.  As part of the company’s objective of offering services tailored to the specific needs of our clients, we have refurbished units, ready for installation on the most widely used machinery.

In addition to these qualified services, our specialised technicians provide consultation, determine the type of fault and its severity, providing clients with an exact picture of the situation, accompanied by a repair plan and the associated quote.

Contact us to receive a no-obligation customised quote.